Virai Light Transport

Nicholas Wagner Virai Transport 5 Front 3/4

Whilst Virai tend to build workers on-site to optimise manufacturing supply lines, sometimes material has to be transported and, occasionally, it is more eficient to transport already-constructed Virai rather than break them down and reconstruct them elsewhere. Further, whilst they can use scavenged haulers, the more literal-minded Tertiary Supervisors see them as wasteful on power. For the Virai, this means a standard, transport template is ideal, preferably one which that just fits a work team.

Hence the Virai light transport, which also serve as a transport for architectors.

The transport has a single flamer array which is used as much as a mining or demolitions tool as it is as a weapon on the battlefield. The transport’s armour is fairly light (Res 12) , but it has a reasonable speed (M6) and carries up to 6 Virai drones.

Virai STL

There were no official models produced for a Virai Transport but Nicholas Wagner has designed an excellent Virai transport in STL format which he has very kindly donated to the Nexus so players can download and print their own.

Nicholas and Jon Harrington fixed the (obscure) errors and Jon produced the update .stls, as well as a print-ready version with supports and also gave us the chitubox files for the version with supports for players to alter as they see fit.

Just a word of warning: depending on WordPress limits and throttling, we may have to remove the .ctb files. In addition to the files here, Jon also has a .gcode file for filament printers – contact him via the main Facebook support group.

Many, many thanks, Nicholas and Jon!

Important note: The transport is quite large ‘as is’, but works well as a Virai hauler, so to become a light transport we recommend it is printed at 80%.

Have fun printing – though don’t forget to fill your media reservoirs first!

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