Desktop Wallpaper

'Xilos Horizon' by Jon Cave wallpaper 1920

This page contains image files ideal for you to download and serve as a background wallpaper on your desktop. Show your love of Antares in the most personal way possible — by decorating your display screen!

You can click on the image below to call it up in it’s full size, then typically right click and select ‘Save Image’ to get your wallpaper file. Alternatively, click on the text link and do the same. After that, use your computer’s personalisation settings to add it as a wallpaper.

Dronescourge Cover Art

The cover by Jon Cave makes an excellent background, just called ‘The Dronescourge Returns’.

Jon Cave 'The Dronescourge Returns' cover wallpaper

Game Cover

From the original, BtGoA v1 front cover and the original, large-scale poster, again by the excellent Jon Cave.

Rulebook Cover Wallpaper

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