Mercenary Togg Kin’Ru

The Cranogn of Four-Seven North Two had no name for their planet or its system, the designation of which was merely the common Freeborn shorthand for its  Antarean gate location. The Cranogn were primitives of a typical kind, humans whose ancestors had possessed all the technological advantages of their age, and whose civilisation had come toppling down following a terrible and destructive war. But even primitives have their value, and the Cranogn were accustomed to visits from Freeborn recruitment expeditions.

Cranogn warriors were fierce and tough, and could be trained and traded throughout the neighbouring worlds as mercenary fighters. One day Freeborn from the House Kavora arrived and the Cranogn warriors arrayed themselves in their finest headdresses and sharpened their long knives, so as to impress their visitors from the stars. When the Freeborn took stock of these potential recruits, they were astonished to discover one among them that was unlike any human they had ever seen. Vastly tall compared to the squat Cranogn, the warrior’s body was massively proportioned, with strange muscular development and long, gangling limbs. The warrior looked like no known human morph – indeed, he scarcely looked human at all, and the Freeborn were intrigued to know where he had come from.

The Cranogn shamans explained that the warrior, whose name was Togg, had been discovered as a young child amongst the wreckage of a spacecraft. All the other occupants of the ship had perished in the crash, but the child had somehow survived. The infant was adopted by a warrior called Ru and his wife, for they had no children of their own. Togg Kin’Ru – which is to say son of Ru – had grown to be a fine hunter and a strong and doughty warrior. Now he claimed his place in the stars, both as a warrior and a hunter of the Cranogn, and by right as a star-foundling who belonged in the heavens.

The Kavori soon realised that Togg Kin’Ru was a warrior of exceptional abilities. Thanks to the circumstances of his birth and primitive upbringing, his mental horizons were those of a savage. However, his mind was developed far beyond that typical of most human morphs. A few simple tests revealed that Togg was a core human morph as expected, but his genome had been manipulated with synthetic DNA in a manner rarely encountered in the Seventh Age. Togg’s species had been engineered at some time in the distant past, although for what purpose and by whom would remain a mystery – though many wonder if he was bred as a counter to the Ghar.

Togg Kin’Ru learned all the arts of war the Freeborn could offer and quickly earned a reputation as a leader of exceptional ability. His mercenary force was successfully deployed in the Spill in defence of a handful of independent worlds that had come under attack from an Isorian interface splinter called the Olantas Shard, centred upon the planet of that name. After years of service he decided to claim his freedom, and began his long search to find his world of origin and perhaps learn what had happened to his own people, whether they had perished, or whether somewhere out there a whole world of his kind awaited discovery.

Although he has travelled widely throughout the Spill, and won many friends and slain countless foes, he has yet to uncover any clue to the fate or whereabouts of his own strange race. Sadly, there is only one Togg Kin’Ru.

Model painted by Lizzie Stephens, RK Studio

Togg Kin’Ru – the individual

Togg Kin’Ru is a unique human-morph whose origins remain a mystery. Rescued from the wreckage of a spacecraft by savages as a child, he has no memories of his own world or people. Brought up by savage warriors and subsequently
recruited by Freeborn as a mercenary fighter, he combines the courage and determination of a primitive with massive physical development and astonishing intelligence.

Today this lone survivor roams the Spill, searching Antarean space for the homeworld which he has never known.

Togg Kin’Ru’s appearance combines elements of his background from the savage Cranogn tribe that raised him, to the sophisticated Freeborn armour and weaponry he has learned to master. His plasma duocarb is an adaptation of the Tsan weapon of the same name. He is protected by resharded armour suspended from plates and carrier nodes, and his body is naturally tough with enhanced healing abilities. He carries an enhanced warrior’s knife of the Cranogn, the symbol of a warrior amongst his adopted people,though its edge has been reforged by the best fabrication techniques Togg could find: it is now more precious to him than any ordinary weapon.


Togg is a Mercenary and substitutes for the following models:

  • a Senior Captain in a Freeborn Fleet Command squad at +3 points; or
  • as a Domari Officer in a Domari Command squad at +5 points; or
  • as a Mercenary Commander in a mercenary outfit (TBA).
Infantry Command ModelMAgAccStrResInitCoSpecial
Togg Kin’Ru with plasma duocarb, fractal charges, Cranogn hunting knife; resharded armour, impact cloak66676(8)99Attacks 3×SV1, Command, Follow, Hero, Tough 2, Wound 2, Unique, Mercenary

The Cranogn hunting knife gives Togg SV1 in hand-to-hand combat and his uncanny martial ability with the knife gives him three hand-to-hand attacks, but not with other HtH weapons.

Plasma DuocarbEffvLongExtrShotsAttacksSpecial
Scatter20302×SV1RF, Tsan or Togg only
Focused2030501×SV3Tsan or Togg only

Togg was a limited edition figure with the Antares dice game and given away at the first Antares Day in 2017. We will not see his like again!

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