Narrative Scenario: Crash Site by Geordie Irvin

Crash Site Scenario by Geordie Irvin

A narrative scenario in in the midst of a deadly sand storm for 75-100 points.

The final resting place of the Spear of Jarain, starship of the infamous freeborn captain Vakkus Blackthorn has been located by one of your recon probes. Buried somewhere on an inhospitable desert planet deep in the spill is a huge fortune waiting to be claimed. Not just of material wealth but that most precious of commodities. Information. Among other things Vakkus was rumoured to have found several gates lost to the civilisations of the 7th age. If that information can be gleaned from the wreck of his ship then entire worlds could be yours!

But you’re not the only one seeking after the wreck. Several running battles are fought in the system between rivals trying to secure the planet. As you finally close in on site zero one of the last true challengers to your claim makes a final bid for control of the information.

As your forces begin to exchange fire the planet itself puts one last obstacle in the way. A sand storm of colossal proportions sweeps across the dunes, blocking out the sun and scrambling sensors and comm nets. This is going to be one of those days….

Set Up

Place 5 large pieces of wreckage on the table. One in the centre of each table quarter and one in the middle of the table. Scatter each piece 1d10 inches (as for overhead fire misses).

Next place sand dunes on the rest of the table. No dunes should be within 5” of another dune or a piece of wreckage.


Each force enters the table from a long table edge. Roll randomly to determine which force starts from which edge.

Up to half of each force may arrive as the first wave in turn 1. The rest come on from their own board edge from turn 2 onwards making command test to do so as normal (see Playing the Game Guide in Rules Central for the standard deployment rules).


The objective is to capture the most sections of wreckage by the end of the game.

Game Duration

The game is played until six turns have elapsed or until one side reaches its break value. Then roll randomly to see if another turn is to be played (Playing the Game guide p15).


The victor is the player who captures the most wreck sites at the end of the game. If both players hold an equal amount then the game is a draw.

Special Scenario Rules

Despite the howling sand storm sweeping the wreckage, the search must go on.

Sand Storm

The sand storm inflicts a number of penalties. The rules below can be used or, alternatively, the escalating ‘Typhoon’ rules in The Chryseis Shard supplement are very appropriate.

  • Blackout conditions. All shooting is at -1 Acc.
  • Sandblast. All units must pass a command check in order to activate regardless of how many pins they have.
  • Hurricane Winds. Overhead shots scatter double distance if they miss. Probe shards are at the mercy of the storm and must test against Res before moving to see if they can successfully navigate the high winds. Roll for each probe in the shard individually. If the test is passed on 1 the drone has caught the wind and can move double its normal speed, whilst a pass means it moves as normal. On a fail, the probe moves at half speed whilst on a ’10’ the probe is lost to the storm!


The wreck sites count as either ruins or junkyards or a mixture depending on what terrain you have available to represent them. Decide what each site will count as before the game starts to avoid confusion later on.  Wrecks are captured by a controlling unit having one or more of its models, or the body of its model, within 3” of an wreck and no enemy controlling unit within 3″ of the wreck.  Once a wreck site is captured it remains yours until an enemy unit takes it back or control becomes disrupted once more.

Controlling units are any apart from sharded, probe and beast units. Units that are Down are still counted as being able to establish control as a tactical decision to do so may well help their survivability, but at the cost of capability of course!


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