Vardos Cadix

The following eclectic Freeborn house was provided and is used by Adam Murton. It forms a background to the Bronvar campaign.


Vardos Cadix is a growing house; it’s past reputation as a consistent and capricious jack of all trades is slowly being surpassed by some key military alliances and interventions primarily with affiliates of Vardos Oszon.


Thin isosceles triangles pictured as if raining point down beneath an Aten symbol. All in mid-blue and outlined in dark blue.

House colours

The primary military colour of House Cadix is blue. Aquamarine is predominant on non-military institutions and the mercantile vessels. The military blue is often paired with animalistic stripes or camouflage patterns. In part this reflects Vard Sellendra Cadix’s interest in such patterns. She is often seen resplendent in striped and patterned animal furs from the various predators of the Determinant. Although in true Cadixian style the animal can vary from week to week if not day to day.

Symbol of the Vardos Cadix


Historically Vardos Cadix have had a reputation for turning their hand to many tasks but excelling in none. This reputation arose in part from a number of capricious and fickle rulers and from its relatively dispersed nature. In recent years this has changed, the current Vard, Sellendra, has pursued military excellence with something approaching single minded obsession. In other aspects of her life and that of the house she does still act on whims and indulge her desires; but the military specialism has remained constant for a number of years now.

This specialism has benefited from key alliances with House Oszon and Cadix can now raise several regiments of feral Mhagris. Vardos Cadix has increased its holdings recently and now control maybe a dozen systems.

The House have always had access to a high level of technology particularly in transport, weaponry and transmat technology. They trade with most of the advanced races of Antares. However, they have lagged behind other Freeborn in terms of biotechnology, which arises from the houses disdain for Nuhu renegades and their practices.


It is arguably inappropriate to think of the Cadix as having a fleet. Perhaps more accurately they are several dispersed flotillas, that range apart over incredible distances. This has contributed to the image of the Cadix as being inconsistent, because flotilla admirals take their own courses of actions with relative independence. By design and necessity the flotillas have frequent liaisons to trade information and update systems. Rarely the entire fleet will come together, for example to inaugurate a new Vard or for epic acts of war.

The craft of Vardos Cadix are frequently named after the epic poetry of the sixth Age, but as with anything Cadixian the exceptions to this rule outnumber those that conform. Examples include:

  • Burning Between the Twin Suns
  • Ripples in the Moon Pool
  • Duvai’s Whim
  • Shadow of the Skark’s Wing
  • The Gates of Redulla
  • The Mists of Fareggia

The Throneship of Sellendra Cadix is The Golden Harp in the Sanctuary.

Field Technology

Tactically, Vardos Cadix field units of feral Mhagris, typically supported by fast moving squads such as Skyraiders or Striker skimmers. Cadix forces travel the determinate waging war; often fighting on the many subtex worlds. Here against the primitive peoples, without advanced sensors or radar, the simplest of techniques can give the edge and so the troops of the Cadix wear camouflage.

As stated above Varda Cadix trade with most of the advanced Antarean races and show little favouritism amongst them. This can be seen on the battlefield as they field a range of technologies from across the photosphere. It is common for Isorian Nhamak SC support drones to be guided by Algoryn targeters and assisted by Concord spotters. Bigger conflicts may see C3M4s surge into battle alongside Liberator Skimmers.

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