Dimensional Gates

Dimensional gates

This is the second anthology of short stories set in the Antares universe.

Inside are ten short stories by new and experienced writers to introduce you to the universe of Antares, the peoples and events that make this a fascinating place for adventure.

  • The Magpie by Robert E. Waters – how do Isorians hunt their own, rogue snipers?
  • Trials of necessity by Duncan Waugh – Would you really want to fix a Boromite locomite race?
  • Hard Truths by Scott Washburn – How does the Concord train its own?
  • Yesterday’s Battlefield by Marc DeSantis – The risks of a Freeborn trader lead him into trouble, in more ways than one!
  • A Bountiful Harvest by Riley O’Connor – When Freeborn become the goods, themselves…
  • Antidata by Andy Patrick – Confusion and chaos erupt when Ghar weaponry damages the fabric of the universe.
  • Papa by Dave Horobin – Fatherhood, even Boromite, can change perspective…
  • The Hunted by Nicky P. Gardiner – A stranded trader and his feral face a planet full of Ghar
  • Psychosis by Brandon Rospond – what happens when the IMTel is compromised?
  • Scream in Silence by C.L. Werner – An ancient horror, trapped Ghar and perhaps a planet that shouldn’t have been explored.

Click on the image above or here to go to Amazon (UK) to order your copy.

The Freeborn Shard Antares podcast, Season 1 episode 18, included a review and discussion of Dimensional Gates with Marc DeSantis, author of Yesterday’s Battlefield, above.

Dimensional gates

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