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Open Signal Cover

The first Antares anthology produced for BtGoA v1 was the first collection published. It contained ten short stories by new and experienced writers to introduce players to the universe of Antares, the peoples and events that make this a fascinating place for adventure.

The stories inside are:

  • The Greater Cause by Mark Barber – A front-line combat gets overtaken by events when the IMTel acts on a resistant populace.
  • Gateways by Scott Washburn – An introductory leccture for Concord recruits on the gates of Antares – from a unique lecturer.
  • Batu meets the SITAI by Tim Bancroft – Dilettante Batu Delhren finds that diplomatic problems are not so much the negotiation as a supposedly friendly NuHu from a broken Meld.
  • Aggressive Negotiations by Tim Maguire – Should Freeborn ever really go head-to-head with Boromites for a treasure buried underground? Probably not, but even disaster can be an advantage…
  • Blind by Craig Gallant – A complex pirate takeover of a Freeborn ship is foiled by the unexpected…
  • A Fair Trade by Riley O’Connor – Traders must prove their innocence when accused of trying to capture and threaten a Boromite trading post
  • A Leap of Faith  by Robert Waters – A disgraced squad of Boromites are given an impossible task to return to favour with their Guild Mother.
  • Subversion by David Horobin – The insidious takeover of one IMTel society by another – from the inside. If you were with the IMTel, would you even notice?
  • Slipstream by Brandon Rospond – An Isorian squad in constant danger struggle against overuse of their phase armour and the erratic actions of a drone. But was the Isorian IMTel just saving itself?
  • Into Darkness by Andrew Tinney – Algoryn fight through impossible odds, but that’s what they’ve been trained for, right?

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Open Signal Cover

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