NuHu Mandarin Jai Galeyous

Jai Galeyous’s special concern within the C3 Intelligence Service is that of hostile nanospheres and nanophage infestations and anything that can destroy them: anything that threatens nanospore is of great interest to the IMTel. She was involved in the preliminary investigations around the locus on Chryseis III, even going to the extent of warning Prince Batu Delhren of the danger. Since then, she has been keeping a close watch on the Isorian Interface and Determinate for similar disturbances and anything that might be a result of the Xilos rift – and the return of the Dronescourge is directly within the realm of her responsibility..

Jai’s focus on nanosphere research makes her a highly effective analyst in her area – though she possibly lacks interest, contacts and awareness in unrelated areas. Though, like many senior NuHu, she is an arch-manipulator of panhumans: she is seen as a friend to the Freeborn Houses of the Determinate, though her motives may be little more than because she needs their intelligence and wishes to preserve a stable balance of power. Whatever her friendships and alliances, her loyalty to the PanHuman Concord and its IMTel is never in doubt.

Jai Galeyous is cautious, but extraordinarily intelligent, even for a NuHu. Having studied the Chryseis Locus and the Shamasai Shard, she is aware of just how vulnerable she is in a front line role against nanospheres that can easily destroy her previous IMTel and her nano-buddy symbiote. This has made her very wary of relying just on her gun drones, often preferring to be accompanied by a bodyguard of well-armed, Vyess intelligence agents instead.

Second only to a collapse of the gate network, a hostile rogue shard is the most dangerous threat to us all. Think the unthinkable: the collapse of IMTel! But the rumours from Chryseis suggest exactly that.

Jai Galeyous, NuHu Intelligence Mandarin, on the Chryseis Locus

The Chryseis Locus

Jai Galeyous is a specialist in anti-IMTel nanospheres and technology that might destroy an IMTel. In the Concord, it was Jai who first identified the threat the Chryseis Locus represented and her intelligence and calculations that guided the IMTel into putting Kamrana Josen in charge of the fleet sent to Chryseis.

Due to her studies of Freeborn Prince Batu Delhren’s deadly Shamasai Shard, she knew she had to bring him on-board to investigate the events on Chryseis for both the Freeborn and Concord – there were few with his intimate knowledge of deadly nanosphore. After a hair-raising meeting with Batu and his Commander, Baray, she set him loose on Chryseis before moving on to investigate another potential danger to the IMTel that was threatening the Concord.

The Resurgent Dronescourge

The threat Jai Galeyous was investigating was the loss of contact with systems around the Northern Determinate. Systems considering merging with the Concord had stopped reporting and emissaries had not returned. Further, the losses were spreading outwards from a single thread. On option was that is was a new Isorian weapon, experimental versions of which had already been used to attack Concord scientific expeditions. There were few dangers that the Concord could not withstand, and a dangerous, hostile nanosphere was one of them. Thinking she was seeing another Chryseis Locus or Shamasai Shard, Jai took a cruiser to investigate.

Jai Galeyous traced the trail up to the Northern Interface between the Concord and Senatex where, after incorporratinbg a few more C3 ships into a small flotialla, she discovered the threat was attacking both Isorian, Concord and unaligned planets: the threat was unlikely to be Isorian. Further, it seemed the Isorians were hunting the same threat and intelleigence soon revealed it to be focused on a major T.O.R. (Transient Observation Report), TOR 563.

Whilst it was rare for the Concord and Senatex IMTel’s to co-operate, Jai tried to restrain the urges of her own IMTel to share data with the Senatex hunting the same threat. Luckily for her, the Senatex CiC was the venerable drone commander Xan Tu – who was also restraining its own impulses to make war against the Concord. Working together – as much as they were able to do so, at least – the two, hostile fleets found the threat at the ice-bound planet of Taskarr and identified that the threat was the resurgent Virai Dronescourge.

The Virai (Viral AI) were an ancient, paranoid, machine species long thought destroyed. They were largely impervious to nanosphere based attacks, having technology and power transmission and creation that was almost as dangerous as Ghar technology.

There were Ghar onboard the TOR, as well as the descendent’s of Isorian Concord citizens, but when a Privateer fleet appeared under Taras Kalemon, the combined Isorian and Concord fleets had no option but to attack the TOR to try and cleanse it of Virai. When the Virai escaped to the planet, the conflict spread dirtside, the efforts of the Concord and Senatex to suppress the Virai being thwarted by the Privateers attempts to both sieze the TOR and capture specimens of teh Dronescourge to sell for profit.

Things did not go well. Whilst the Virai were cleansed from the TOR, it escaped with teh Ghar adn ancient humans onboard. The Privateer fleet was largely destroyed in the multi-way battle, but the Virai stowed away on some of the surviving ships and contioned sprerading into other systems. Whilst it was believed that Taskarr was cleansed of Virai, there was no way to make sure without destroying the planet and wiping out its Feral population – something neither IMTel would countenance. Xan Tu and Galeyous were forced to chase the escaping Virai and leave watch ships in Taskarr and in every system the giant TOR had visited.

Even now, the Virai continue to spread, creating fear along the Interface. Wherever they go, however, the Concord and Senatex have to divert resources to eradicate them – which has led to more stability and less war along the Interface.

Vyess Intelligence Operatives

The Vyess are a panhuman morph who made their first appearance early during the Xon Times on university and research worlds. The NuHu rulers of the Xon Empire encouraged the development of specialised mental processes amongst their subjects. One such breeding programme emphasised enhanced pattern analysis aiming to produce intuits who could extrapolate possible tendencies from nebulous data – an early, non-machine form of the IMTel, perhaps.

From this programme came the Vyess, a people who did not quite match up to the full potential of the NuHu hopes, but to whom the complexities of human society and interactions were easily understood. Where others might see a series of random actions and reactions, the Vyess could see motivations, personal drives and objectives. Whilst this is not the machine-like intuits the NuHu hoped for, it did make them incredibly useful in strategic and intelligence analysis.

Like other panhuman races, the Vyess were dispersed across Antarean space with the collapsing and re-arranging of the gates. Their skills in analysis and intelligence work are appreciated across all panhuman factions and they are often to be found in Concord and Senatex military intelligence units. Jai Galeyous values them as bodyguard not just because of their capabilities as other well-trained C3 strike troopers, but because of their analytic capabilities whilst in the field.

It’s not what the Dronescourge are that makes them dangerous, but what they aren’t. Their rejection of a nanosphere limits integration, the avoidance of an IMTel in favour of a strict hierarchy gives them a singular purpose, and their mistrust of motives makes negotiation meaningless. They are an enemy to machine and biological intelligence alike.

Jai Galeyous, NuHu Intelligence Mandarin, on the Virai Dronescourge
Stats: Jai Galeyous, NuHu Intelligence Mandarin

Jai’s model could be used as a NuHu Mandarin in a Concord force. If a unique model is needed, she would replace a NuHu Mandarin in a NuHu Mandarin unit in any Concord selector, and have the additional abilities below (all shown in the Concord army list).

Wound 2Jai Galeyous carries out more active field research than other NuHu and has learnt to endure physical injury for longer than other NuHu.
Thorough IMTelJai’s research and intelligence shard constantly assesses the weaknesses in her opponents. If she does not score a Lucky Hit in shooting or in hand-to-hand combat, she may treat one of the shots or strikes as a Lucky Hit, though the shot cannot then be subject to the Army Option(Extra Shot).
503013009 Concord Intelligence-Nuhu Mandarin Jai Galeyous
Concord Intelligence Mandarin with panhuman bodyguard
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