Community Algoryn Showcase

A number of Algoryn armies have appeared over the past few years and we asked the artists to let them show them off. The Algoryn paint schemes vary widely, many due to the (frankly, fantastic) backgrounds the players have made up for their forces.

We love to see paint schemes based on a player-created backstory: if you have you’re own, please do send it in as we had to drop a load of images due to not being able to contact everyone.

In the universe of the Antares Nexus, where adaptive camouflage is the norm, there are no ‘set’ or even ‘standard’ paint schemes. The universe is incredibly vast and varied, so even Boromites come in a vast variety of skin colours depending upon their location and circumstance. Troopers of Antares might be brightly coloured if they operate in a vibrant environment, whereas others might perhaps be more blandly coloured in dull colours if it provides better camouflage. 

The same goes for the Algoryn: whilst there may be an official unit colour and the armour itself is chameleon-like, many revert to that of a noteworthy, historical action when they do not specifically need the camouflage. So the possibilities are nearly endless.

We’d like to pull together some of the Algoryn schemes to show off, here, so if you have any images of them on the table, do get in touch via the IMTel Facebook group.


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