C3M4 Drones Showcase

Shortly after the release of the C3M4 drone at Salute in 2016, we saw some fantastic painted examples spring up on the forums and IMTel Facebook page. Since then more have come on, and they are always worth a look!

Jez Allum

Jez also showcased the inter-changeable main armament – with the option to field the C3M4 with either the Plasma Cannon, Fractal Cannon or Compression Cannon.

Wayne Clayton

Wayne has provided a number of images for us, but here is his recent test of a new lightbox.

Sam Phillips

Sam uses two C3M4s among the ranks of his Concord force!

Matt Houghton

Andy Patrick

Andy Patrick Concord C3M4 Combat Drone

Warlord Studio models

Way back in 2016/2017, Warlord painters Andrés Amián and Darek Wyrozebski painted the studio models – bearing in mind, of course, the M4 is not only used by the forces of the Concord….

…but can also be found among the ranks of the mercantile Freeborn as well!

Warlords own tank master, Darek Wyrozebski, trialed a new scheme:

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