60-PLUS Accidental Encounter

Accidental or Unexpected Encounter map

This is a scenario for low point value games intended to be used by players relatively new to Antares. It is based on Scenario 3: Unexpected Encounter found in Playing the Game but adjusted to have 5 VP maximum and to support the 60/60-plus format lists.

Type: Matched, Confrontation/Narrative; 2-player; 60/60-PLUS recommended

When returning to base after patrolling the wilderness, you suffer a severe comms blackout. As a result, you unexpectedly come across an exploration force of an opposing faction. You must get home!


Dice or choose whether a 60 or 60-PLUS game is to be played, and for which long table edge each player uses as their base edge.


Both forces deploy ½ their force, including all their probes, within a centrally aligned box 20” and 10” deep. The remaining ½ arrives from the central 20” of each force’s table edge in turn one, making Command checks to do so (see diagram).

Accidental or Unexpected Encounter map

Escape as many units as possible off the opposing table edge. This may be anywhere along your opponent’s table edge, not just in their deployment box.

Game Length

The game lasts six turns or until all the scoring units in one force are no longer on the table. 

Victory Points

All probe units are ignored in assessing scoring. Break Points are ignored in this game. A maximum of 5VP can be scored.

Success CriteriaVPs Earned
To any force escaping at least a single infantry or weapon team unit off the opposing table edge1VP
To the force escaping the greatest proportion of their order dice off the opponent’s table edge+2VP
To either force for each ¼ of its order dice escaping off the opponent’s table edge+1VP per

Design Notes

The VP for this game and the low points values pose a conundrum: early on, should a player destroy an opponent’s units, or should they sprint across the table, instead? Sprinting is almost certainly needed, with the risk of acquiring a pin or going Down, but ignoring your opponent’s forces can give them free rein.

Ignoring probe units also means that they can still be used to destroy enemy buddies, to spot or target opponents.

When played on it sown, with foreknowledge, a list can be built taht optimises movement and wins the game (a Concord Drop force, for example). As a result, this is best used when players are unsure of the scenarios to be used, or is best selected randomly from a list.

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