60-PLUS Downed Ship

60-PLUS Downed Ship setup and deployment

This is a scenario for low point value games intended to be used by players relatively new to Antares. It has 5 VP maximum, so can be used with the others in this series, and supports the 60/60-plus format lists.

Type: Matched, Objective/Narrative; 2-player; 60/60-PLUS recommended

A ship has crashed into the wilderness and is suspected of carrying a Virai Architector. You must capture it before any other faction or prevent it falling into their hands!


The table should be 5’ × 4’ to ensure a race for control is established. If yours is longer, reduce the length. There is a central objective which should be a crashed ship (if you don;t have one, a building will do).

Dice for which short (4’) table edge each player uses as their base edge.

It helps the game significantly if, even on this 5’×4′ table, a total of 12 full-sized terrain pieces are used and there is no terrain within 5″ of the downed ship.


Both forces arrive on turn 1 from their short table edge as per the rules in Playing the Game.


Capture or destroy the crashed ship.

Game Length

The game lasts six turns or until the ship is destroyed. 

Victory Points

Break Points are ignored in this game.

Success CriteriaVPs Earned
Force in sole control of the ship5VP
To both, if contesting control of the ship3VP
To both if the ship is destroyed2VP

For control of the ship, see Objective Control in Playing the Game. Contested control can be claimed by both sides.

Destruction: The ship can be destroyed if suitable breaching weapons or Heavy Weapon with SV5+ shoot at it.  The ship has a Threshold SV of 7 (SV7+ needed to damage it with non-breaching weapons) and 30DP.  As normal, any units within the limits of the crashed ship also get damage shared amongst them when the ship is targeted as if in buildings.

Design Notes

It can be tempting to just run forward as the ship is very close. Whilst this means the ship can be captured early on, it also puts the capturing units at risk of a withering hail of fire from their opponents.

For players feeling outclassed after the first turn or two, the low threshold of the ship means it is tempting to try and spoil your opponent’s chances by forcing a draw. However, there is also a catch in that the low threshold means weapons firing at the ship may damage both the ship and any units hiding within and doing so may increase your chances of capturing the ship intact (well, fairly intact) anyway.

Smart players might want to use various special munitions to slow opponents down or making it difficult to shoot at anyone taking refuge within.

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