60-PLUS Rescue Party

60-PLUS Rescue Party setup and deployment

This is a scenario for low point value games intended to be used by players relatively new to Antares. It has 5 VP maximum, so can be used with the others in this series, and supports the 60/60-plus format lists. Here, we start playing around with carried objectives.

See the notes, below, for a four-player version of the game.

Type: Matched, Objective/Narrative; 2-player; 60/60-PLUS recommended

A senior Commander (not yours!) is stranded in a wilderness no-mans land.  They must be captured (or rescued), and urgently! Your forces race to the area and arrive well ahead of reinforcements.


The central objective on the table is a shelter containing the commander. This should only have accesses to either side and not facing each player’s edge: it should be impossible for a normal unit to sprint AND Dice for which long table edge each player uses as their base edge. Optionally, the table should have two impassable or difficult areas of terrain blocking direct access to the building from both long table edges.

This can easily be played 4′ wide table, though it is a little cramped; if played on a 6′ wide table could do with using a random deployment (number the base edge squares 1-6 and dice for each unit).


Both forces deploy within 10” (not 1M) of their table edge. NO units or mines can be placed beyond this deployment area, not even snipers, and Infiltrators do not get their pre-game move.

60-PLUS Rescue Party setup and deployment

Capture and escort the Commander off your table edge (extraction).

Game Length

The game lasts six turns or until the Commander is dead or successfully extracted.

Victory Points

Break Points are ignored in this game.

Success CriteriaVPs Earned
To a force ‘extracting’ the Commander5VP
To a force in control of the Commander but not extracting them3VP
To both forces if the Commander is killed2VP

Capturing the Commander (Cdr): See Carried Objectives in Playing the Game. If the Commander becomes ‘Free’ at any time, put an order dice for them in the bag immediately and, when it is drawn, the Cdr RUNs back towards the central building, avoiding all other units, until captured, again.

It is important to remember that the rescuing unit cannot sprint and access into the building via an entrance is the same as crossing an obstacle (p.45, Core Rules).

Accidental death:  Whenever the unit escorting the Cdr is shot at, including by PBS, the Cdr model is a potential target: if there are hits to go round, they must be allocated one before second hits are allocated. The Cdr may be attacked in hand-to-hand if the opposing unit declares they are doing so! The Cdr does not shoot but if attacked in hand-to-hand has Str 5. Otherwise, their stats are: Ag 5, Res 6(7) Reflex and Tough 3.  

Design Notes

It can be tempting to bunch all your units in the centre and send forward an extraction unit. However, you units will need support so a pair of flanking units (at least) able to provide useful support fire and pin your opponent will pay dividends.

It is not easy to hand off a carried objective like the commander, but it can be done with careful positioning of units as each unit can pick up the commander at the start of their turn. Of course, once you have the commander, your opponent may well try and wipe out the unit carrying them – and perhaps even wipe out the commander.

4-Player Version

The game came be played with four players on a 6’×4′ wide table. The scoring is the same but deployment sees the players start off in each corner.

Converging Rescue Party Scenario setup
Converging Rescue Party

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