Scenario: The Research Lab

A scenario by Jasper Batcher

Type: Matched, Objective/Narrative; 2-player; FL1/FL2

After a bout of unusual seismic activity, a remote research lab specializing in deflector shield technology was abandoned. Fortunately the scientists escaped, but were forced to leave four prototype Arc Shield Generators on site. Now, both forces have stumbled onto the site at the same time, and must race to capture the generators and reclaim the lab for themselves.


Place a building with the closest face 10” from the long table edge opposite the player’s edges: this will be the research lab.

Next, set up four experimental Arc shield generators 15” from the same long edge, and at 18” and 30” intervals from the short edges. This should place them with 12” between the centres of the generators.

Lastly, it is strongly recommended that a blocking or wide obscuring terrain (such as a jungle or ruin), be placed between the two players’ edges, extending about 15” from the long edge. This prevents the mission immediately devolving into a bloodbath, as neither player should have direct Line of Sight onto each other in the first turn.

Set up terrain on the rest of the table according to the terrain guidelines in Playing the Game.


Players dice for, or choose, a corner opposite the research lab, as shown below. Neither side deploys on-table but must move half their army onto the table in the first turn with the remainder automatically arriving in the second or subsequent turns but without the need for Arrival Tests. Units can enter anywhere along the table edges within 12″ of their allocated corner.


Retrieve the experimental ARC shield generators and carry them back to your table edge and also occupy the research lab at the end of the game.

Game Length

The game is played until six turns have elapsed. Then roll randomly to see if another turn is to be played.

Victory Points

Break Points are ignored in this game. At the end of the game, the following victory points (VPs) are awarded to each force.

Success CriteriaVPs Earned
For a unit in possession of a shield generator on-table 2VP per
For a shield generator carried off-table via a unit’s deployment area3VP per
In sole control of the research lab3VP

Experimental Arc Shield Generators

The shield generators left at the research lab were created as an experiment to create a more effective vehicle shielding system by incorporating the technology used in Arc special munitions. These create effects similar to Arc ammo:

  • All direct fire shots that pass within 3” of the centre of a shield generator (its area of effect) must test to determine if it is deflected. Roll for each shot. Where different weapons are being used make sure you either roll distinct dice or roll separately where necessary. On a roll of 1–6 the shot passes through the shield as normal; on a roll of 7–10 the shot is deflected and automatically misses. Make the test before rolling Acc to hit, and then roll to hit with those shots that make it through.
  • OH blast hits and Net ammo landing within the area of effect have their blast hits or Net pins halved.
  • These shields do NOT destroy special munitions like normal Arc ammo. Instead, if such special munitions would land within the area of effect (the ‘point hit’), place them as close as possible to the ‘point hit’ but on the edge of the area of effect.
  • Any shot that passes through two or more shield or Arc areas of effect must test for each in turn to find out how many shots make it through: the effects of both stack.

Research Lab Building

The Research Lab is a hardy structure, augmented by its own shielding subsystems, and is designed to withstand the harsh environments of the testing grounds.

  • A unit carrying an Arc shield generator cannot enter the research lab: the two shielding systems repulse each other, and the unit would have to drop the shield generator in order to enter.
  • Whilst the research lab can be destroyed to prevent a side from occupying it (a pile of rubble isn’t normally a valuable asset!), the structure should be treated similarly to an advanced blockhouse, possessing a Damage Threshold of 7 and Damage Value of 50. Players should feel free to alter these stats in order to better fit whichever building or structure they are using to represent the lab.

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