The Antares 2 List Builder

Jamie Morris writes about his list builder for Antares 2. If you just want to jump to the builder and download it, try, otherwise, read on…

I’ve been building companion apps for the tabletop wargaming industry for a few years now. I have a day job, but I spend my spare time trying to apply digital solutions to a physical hobby.

Back in early 2021, fresh off the back of success with the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare list builder app, my wife and I started work on a similar project for all things Warlord. It was a fairly massive undertaking, and while my personal love of Antares would have put that at the top of the list, there was no doubt that Bolt Action was the bigger fish to fry. Fast forward to spring 2022, and Antares V2 was nearing completion, with a move to Skytrex in the works. It felt like there would never be a better time to release an Antares list builder, so I took some time off work and cancelled my weekend plans to see if I could throw together a companion app for my favourite wargame in 2 weeks. It took a little longer than that, but thanks to 2 years of work that led up to this point, I managed to complete the project in a little over a month (if a project like this is ever truly complete).

On May 1st, I announced the project on the Antares Facebook group, and released it into the wild 2 weeks later. Since then, players have created over 350 unique forces, and the number continues to grow.

The goal of the list builder is to enable players to get into a game faster. You can build an army while waiting for a bus, reference rules or stats with ease and then print out your army list with all of the information you need.

The list builder is and will remain completely free to use. If you want to support the app financially, you can do so at, which you can also find in the app menu. Any contribution, no matter how small, helps pay for hosting costs, software licenses, platform fees and of course, our time.

Try it out now at:

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