Vorl Mist Hunter Hearths

Mist Hunter are the elite warriors in a Vorl Leading Claw force. Their their primary weapon, the Vorl plasma projector, combat arrays, s-slings, nebuliser shells and kinetic dampener projectors are identical to the equipment issued to Fire Warriors (do check out the detail in the Fire Warrior entry).

A base Mist Hunter hearth is small with a Mist Hunter and a Mist Warrior. Mist Warriors are identical in equipment and weaponry to Fire Warriors, but Mist Hunters are given mist armour, combat arrays, kinetic dampeners and the Infiltrator special rule. The squad can be given additional Mist Warriors and all Mist Warriors can be ugraded to Mist Hunters.

Mist armour offers the same protection as synthesis armour (+1 Res per Vorl using it in the squad) but also projects a camo-field in the same way as a camo-buddy. This means that if the squad goes down, it is impossible to target beyond 10″ unless their opponent uses some form of patch sighting.

Very often, the squad uses its Infiltrator rule to lay a nebuliser shell minefield before the start of a game and also advances rapidly into a secure, hidden, forward or flanking position. Here, the Vorl Mist Hunter’s combat array means they can act as hidden, forward observers for Storm Warriors, or a strengthened squad can act as a weapon team that packs a deadly SV6 or SV8 punch.

Hearth: Vorl maintain strong family and clan ties and a ‘hearth’ is an approximation of their term for a squad. All the members of a hearth live together (around the same ‘hearth’), are related and, mostly, grew up together.

Stl’s and Assembly

As models, the Mist Hunters are identical to Fire Warrior hearth-mothers whilst the attached Mist Warriors are identical for Fire Warriors. .stls will be available on the Nexus (link to location and guide TBA here) for you to download and print off.

We recommend fine detail and that Mist Warriors are pinted in clear resin with an ink wash, as shown in the above images, as this highlights their use of a camo-field.

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