Vorl Lifeseeker Probes

The Vorl have two types of probe units: hound probes (use the standard hound probe models) and lifeseeker probes. Whilst all Vorl Ordo have approximately the same technology, and tend to dislike autonomous drones, each Vorl Ordo can differ slightly in how they regard the use of spotters – ironically implemented as probes.

In some ordo, cephalite technicians in suspensor cradles equip themselves with advanced combat arrays and skim ahead of the main body of troops. From vantage points around the battlefield they transmit back to other combat arrays the locations of enemy troops and camouflaged units.

In other ordo, the minds of genetically-modified giant insects are enhancced or partially replaced by complex neural nets and combat arrayss. They perform much the same job as the Technicians so are grouped together with them.

A lifeseeker probe can act just like a scout probe with OH- and camo-field patch sighting to a friendly combat array within 20″. In addition, a probe can also act as a targeter-like probe giving a +1 bonus to shooting against an enemy that is within 5″ of the lifeseeker. This stacks just like targeter probes, so a maximum +1 bonus on OH shooting or +3 on direct fire (from three lifeseekers within 5″ of the target).

In practice, only a single lifeseeker is to be found within 5″ of a target.


Tom Brown and Georg Malter both built some lifeseeker .stls which we’ve added here, on the Nexus.

Otherwise, we suggest players use the Askar spotter buddy (which should be available from Skytrex) or Isorian targeter probes. Alternatively, Amazon and ebay offer novelty flies and bugs that could be pressed into use and repainted as lifeseeker probes!

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