Vorl Assembly and .stl

During the first half on 2022, Rick commissioned the late Joey Pruitt to create a basic Vorl model which we could use for the first Vorl encountered by the panhumans of Antares. Joey produced a superb .stl file containig all the components need to create the four core Vorl units (see here for lists and a summary).

Maestro Jon Harrington tested the printing and assembly and has been key to the process, creating a number of grouped files/zips to download to create the four distinct Vorl types (five if you print the Vorl Mist Hunters in a clear resin – which works really well when given a coat of blue ink/wash). We’ll let Jon finish this article, but the two main diagrams you need are the components and the assembly diagram. These can be seen in the gallery below, together with a rotanional view and a colour view.

Use of the .stl and files on this page are free for your own use. This means you can print for your own army or for your friends – and many friends will offer to pay the costs, which is fine – but if you wish to print professionally or for profit, you must contact Tim, initially via the FB IMTel group.

The STLs

Note: All the test prints have been conducted on an Elegoo Mars 2 Pro using Chitubox V1.8.1 for supporting and slicing. Layer Height was 0.05mm and used Elegoo ABS like resin. To enable modification the pre supported files come as Chitubox project files or you can use the CTB files which are ready to print.

Raw Vorl .stls

These are the original, unsupported files ready for you to download and support in your slicer of choice.

Individual Chitubox/CTB ZIPS

These are the 4 basic types of Vorl, pre supported for ease of printing. Each zip folder includes:

  • Vorl with Combat Array with Plasma Projector (Fire Hearth-mother, Nest-mother, War-chief, Mist Hunter or veteran Fire Warrior),
  • Synthesis Armour with Plasma Projector (Bodyguard, Storm Warrior, Mist Warrior),
  • Combat Array with Pulsar (Storm Hearth-mother, veteran Storm Warrior),
  • Synthesis Armour with Pulsar (Storm Warrior).

To make it even easier to print your army these files provide full plates of three (3) pre-supported Vorl each to give a complete squad over one or two prints. These are all in chitubox format.

The main files we used were the two command files below (1a and 2a). One print of 1a gives a single command hearth of three; two prints of 1a or 2a give six-strong Fire and Storm Hearths of four Vorl in synthesis armour + a veteran + a hearth-mother (do check out the lists to realise why it helps!). Mist Hunters and additional bodyguard were best printed off singly (see above) using Vorl with combat arrays.

Tim, Ed.

1a: Command Hearth / Fire Warrior or Mist Hunter + 2×Mist Warriors. Three Vorl: one with Combat Array, all with plasma projectors.

1b: Fire Warriors. Three Vorl with plasma projectors.

2a: Storm Hearth-mother + 2×Warriors. Three Vorl: one with Combat Array, all with pulser.

2b: Storm Warriors. Three Vorl with pulsers.

All the above files in a single .zip in .ctb format

Printing and Painting Tips

Post Printing: Most components should just twist away from the supports but to prevent the antenna on the head breaking off it is advisable to cut the supports close to base before twisting off the head.

Assembly: The Vorl are designed to sit very low to the ground so I’ve found attaching the larger rear legs first then the very front set allows for easy adjustment. The upper components can then be added.

Painting: I strongly recommend painting the weapons separately and attaching them once the bodies are finished otherwise access to the chest and inside of the arms is near impossible. Depending on your technique you may also find painting the middle pairs of legs and the head before attaching also allows easier access to the main body.

Jon Harrington's Storm Warrior
Jon Harrington’s Storm Warrior

To indicate the Mist Hunter camouflaged units I printed the Vorl in a clear blue resin. To maximise the transparency they had a thin coat of gloss varnish followed by a blue wash and final coat of clear gloss varnish.

Vorl Mist Hunters

I hope these hints and tips are useful, enjoy your printing!

Jon H

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