Scenario: Quarry Raid

Quarry Raid scenario setup diagram

A scenario by Jasper Batcher

Type: Matched, Objective/Narrative; 2-player; FL1/FL2

On Zomau 7-A, a dwarf planet orbiting a pulsar, Boromite miners discovered a rich supply of plagmotome, a rare non-Newtonian metal. The planet was recently evacuated, as it’s orbit would temporarily place it in the direct path of the pulsar’s fearsome, electromagnetic emissions. Our forces find themselves meeting on the planet’s rocky, barren surface, seeking to scalp whatever ore they can harvest, before the full might of the Boromite security can respond.


Distribute three pieces of area terrain each around 6” in diameter according to the diagram below: one at the midpoint of the table and the other two with their centres 20” away to either side. These are the temporarily abandoned plagmotome quarries so are best represented by having items of mining or extraction machinery scattered across the area, but rocks or mounds of extracted waste will do just as well. In the centre of each quarry should be a piece of machinery to represent a shield generator.

The quarries are open, area terrain, with clear LoS, but otherwise provide a +1 Res bonus to medium and small models.

Set up terrain on the rest of the table according to the terrain guidelines in Playing the Game. Rocky terrain and featires would suit the environment well.


Use standard deployment as described in Playing the Game. Each force deploys within 1M of their own table edge.


Gather barrels of plagmotome ore from the quarries and retrieve them off – or close to – your table edge by the end of the game.

Game Length

The game is played until six turns have elapsed. Then roll randomly to see if another turn is to be played.

Victory Points

Break Points are ignored in this game. At the end of the game, the following victory points (VPs) are awarded to each force.

Success CriteriaVPs Earned
For each unit in possession of a barrel of plagmotome ore outside of their deployment area1VP per
For each unit in posession of a barrel of plagmotome within their own deployment area or for each barrel of plagmotome carried off a unit’s own table edge2VP per

Plagmotome Quarries

As the liquid plagmotome ore bubbles to the surface of the quarries, the machinery automatically barrels it for transport. The equipment can be operated manually but the plagmotome becomes more solid when forcefully extracted. Rules for controlling quarries and extracting ore are as follows:

  • A quarry is controlled if there are controlling models from one side within it; control of a quarry is contested when there are controlling figures from both sides within it (see Playing the Game, ‘Objective Control’). A unit can only contest or control a single quarry.
  • At the end of each turn, randomly determine a quarry in which to place a barrel and then randomly choose where within that quarry it appears.
    • Just how this is done is up to the players to decide at the start of the game but a D3 and then, perhaps, a direction dice and D2 for distance from the shield generator is one possible approach.
    • If a unit has sole control of the quarry and has a model within carrying distance of the just-appeared barrel, it can immediately pick up the barrel with a qualifying, carrying model.
  • The processing equipment in a quarry can also be activated manually. To do so, a unit in sole or contested control of the quarry must attempt a Rally order: on success they may immediately assign a barrel to a carrying model within the quarry.
    • Each quarry may only have a single barrel of ore extracted this way each turn.
  • Each barrel of plagmotome is a carried objective and a carrying model may only carry one barrel at a time.

Shield Generators

In the centre of each quarry, a shield generator protects the equipment from radiation and stray impacts from meteors.

  • Each shield is hemispherical, with a radius of 3″ from the centre of the generator, and has its base on the floor of the quarry.
  • The shield acts as a batter field (-2 Acc to shots targeted models within the area of protection). Given it’s shape it also protects agains OH fire targeting the protected area.
  • The shield generator itself may be targeted. Treat it as a medium size model with Res 11 and Tough 2.

An option, of course, is to play the scenario without the shield generators.

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