Vorl Probe .stls

Tom Brown's lifeseekers painted by Jon Harrington

Georg Malter knocked together a quick version of the Vorl lifeseeker probes based off Joey’s marvellous models and kindly donated them to the Nexus.

In a more comprehensive vein, Tom Brown used Joey’s files to create a lifeseeker probe and built a Vorl hound probe from scratch.

Tom Brown’s Vorl Probes

Tom runs his own design enterprise, but nonetheless built these and made them free for personal use – thank you Tom! They can be found at the following, off-site links:

Hound Probes: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/antares-vorl-hound-probe

Lifeseeker Probes: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/antares-vorl-lifeseeker-probe

Jon Harrington printed some of the probes off and painted them:

Tom Brown's Vorl Hound Probes painted by Jon Harrington

Georg Malter’s Lifeseekers

Of his lifeseekers, Georg modestly says:

To make the Probe I started with one of Steve O’Boyles excellent buddy drones, blowing it up 30% and chopping a section out to fit the Cephalite in. I shrunk down some legs and added them in as there is a bit more to the Cephalite’s physiology than is shown on a full Zugon. I have only basic 3d modelling skills at best so this was all done in Slic3rPE rather than a proper 3d modelling program. When Printing I’d suggest mirroring some of them just to add a touch of variety to the unit.

We’re waiting on images, so if anyone tries them, do send them in to us!


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