Odd lists: the Ma’Req

Relationships between Algoryn mochs and legers

[An experimental list! Hopefully the first of a number of such lists from early A2 playtesting that are not meant for tournaments or formal play as they never made the cut. Nonetheless, providing players treat them with a pinch of salt, they may be worth exploring…]

There is a snippet in the Universe Guide about the Algoryn moch Ma’Req:

“Famously, in ancient times during the Erban War, the entire
Optimate moch of Ma’req was cast in disgrace from their
leger. Ever since they have lived a spaceborne life as
wanderers, traders and salvageers, plying the Prosperate routes
and surrounding planets. They call themselves the Freeborn of
Ma’req, though there is little trust between them and the
Vardari or the Prosperate. The Prosperate consider them little
more than pirates, and clashes between Ma’req and Prosperate
forces are not uncommon.”

Anatres 2 Universe Guide, ‘The Algoryn Prosperate’

They were cast out in 7A520, way before any contact with the Ghar but just after the stabilisation of the IMTel divide, and are still in existence – though they are now regarded as little more than ‘pirates and brigands’, a sort of ‘Freeborn nation’ (see Universe Guide: Timeline). There history is vague, primarily because neither the Freeborn nor Algoryn talk about the Ma’Req and both regard the Ma’Req as a loose association of criminals, an exiled, ill-disciplined bunch to be hunted down wherever they show themselves.

And being made exile from Algoryn society is a guilt-laden, unthinkable penalty for any Algoryn, reserved only for those making the most gross transgressions against Algoryn society as a whole. This gives us a clue: the Ma’Req may have allied with outsiders to take over Algoryn space or otherwise undermine the burgeoning Prosperate.

A little background might help, here. Each Algoryn Moch (a senior house) has many affiliations with houses junior to it and, if from one of the middling legers (caste groupings) , is affiliated to a moch in a senior leger. There are family ties, here, members of junior mochs hoping to have their members elevated to a more senior moch, whether by promotion due to exceptional skill or through financial means (which may involve a pair-bonding ceremony, what we would see as an arranged marriage). Occasionally, a junior moch may have links to several senior mochs.

Relationships between Algoryn mochs and legers

So when a senior moch is exiled – and optimate mochs are the highest of all – almost every moch associated more junior to it is exiled alongside them. This is what happened in the case of the Ma’Req: an exiled group of Optimates accompanied by a substantial number of Vector troops, junior Founder militia and administrators and Servile scientists, technicians and support staff.

It’s a sizeable collection of people, requiring many ships. Whilst the original exiles may have been crowded onto their fleeing spacecraft, they undoubtedly found a remote, habitable system – probably systems – on which they could live an survive. Note that the word ‘thrive’ is carefully ignored, here: the Freeborn, especially the major houses such as Oszon, refused to deal with them, partly due to their crime but also due to fear of being black-listed by the Prosperate.

But where trade is needed, there are always Freeborn who will trade, normally at almost ruinous exchange rates (not quite ruinous: they want to trade again, after all). And so the Ma’Req have survived – perhaps just – and were forced to turn their hands to piracy and raiding. With relatively few able-bodied and capable Algoryn, they were also forced to take on non-Algoryn to fill in the areas where they had few skills or insufficient numbers to protect themselves.

Which leads to the Ma’Req of today: a mixed-species group who claim to be privateers but who take their letters of marque from their own optimates. They have a preference for Algoryn equipment, but have limited access so tend to leave it in the hands of the core Algoryn or Algoryn half-castes who now form much of the body of the Ma’Req.

A Ma’Req list

That history gives us some leads as to how to construct a Ma’Req list. At its core it should be a mix of Algoryn Vector AI units representing the remaining, pure-bred and dominant half-caste Algoryn and the rest Freeborn or Feral, representing the brigands and lesser descendents who now form the majority of Ma’Req personnel.

Refer to the Algoryn and Freeborn lists for details.

The following shows the units that can be seen in a Ma’Req force. At least 25% of the units must be Algoryn and at most 50% of the units can be Algoryn – the rest must be non-Algoryn.

The Ma’Req numbers should be limited by the selectors for Algoryn Vector AI force, with unit types restricted to those stated below and Freeborn units substituting for Vector infantry and weapon teams as shown.

Army Options are as Algoryn.

Ma’Req cannot hire Hükk or Askar, cannot take any character upgrades, and can only accept Freeborn as allies.

Note that this list is highly experimental!

Ma’Req Optimate Command (Algoryn)

A Ma’Req force should be able to take a single Optimate Command squad. the subcommander is a Ma’Req captain and cannot be promoted to any other personal upgrade. The squad cannot take a Tactical Officer and neither can it be accompanied by any Optimate bodyguard. This squad may be replaced by a Vardanari Command squad.

Ma’Req Vector Command (Algoryn)

This is the same as the Vector AI Command squad but cannot be upgraded to ccarry plasma carbines. This unit may be replaced by a Domari Command squad.

Ma’Req Raiders, Infiltrators and Weapon TEams (Algoryn)

These are the same as the Vector AI squad, Infiltration squad, Vector Support team and AI Heavy Weapons team. Only a single heavy weapons team can be taken.

Equivalent non-Algoryn, Freeborn and Feral squads may be substituted for these units: Domari or Feral Warrior squads for Vector AI infantry squads; and Domari Ship Defence teams for Vector Support or AI Heavy Weapons teams.

A single Feral Beastmaster squad may be taken in place of a Vector AI infantry squad.

Intruder Skimmer (Algoryn)

A single Intruder skimmer squad can be taken.The vehicles may not be Algoryn style skimmers but in armour and functionality they are best thought of as such. The squad can be downgraded to have half-caste or Freeborn pilots with -1 Res (to give Res 6(8)) at -1 point, in which case they dismount as Domari and the squad is considered non-Algoryn.

Avenger and Defiant Skimmers (Algoryn)

Only a single Avenger and a single Defiant (or defiant-equivalent) may be taken.


Ma’Req can take Scout, Targeter and Hound probes as stated in the base Algoryn list. These could be of almost any design.


We have to stress, again, that this is a highly experimental list taken from the original playtesting for Antares 2. Given the sheer range of factions and lists that were tested, very little playtesting has been possible so players may find it awkward. Nonetheless, we add it here so that players can enjoy exploring the almost mythical rogues and ne’er-do-wells of Antarean space.

The list is deliberately infantry-heavy, but that is the nature of life as a raider house. It is best used in surprise raids on outlying farmsteads, mining camps and even villages on Feral worlds where the enemy has equally limited flexibility – but the Algoryn core can offer themselves as a surprising backbone to the force.

Have fun!

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