Writing for Antares and the Nexus

Writing for the Nexus

We’ve periodically invited players to write and submit articles for Antares, and that continues on the Nexus.

In particular, we are interested in player showcases – your own armies and paint schemes – and that continues to be something we’d love to show more of on the Nexus. In the past we’ve also coupled these with themed armies, where the background or reasoning for a paint scheme has been highlighted (see Ian Ackerman’s 66th Isorian Nomads and Georg Malter’s Algoryn, for example).

Of course, we feature painting guides such as Matt Schreiber’s ‘Let’s Build’ assembly videos, as well as terrain or scratch-building guides such as Wayne Clayton’s starship. Others contribute Rules Insights and tactical tips.

We’ve also published the best scenarios from the scenario competition late 2016-2017, including those from the winner, Adam Murton, in the Raiders of Bronvar PDF.

So, scenarios, mini-campaigns, themed selectors, showcases, force backgrounds, your guild, your clan, tactical advice – it’s all welcome!

We’ll even accept the occasional good piece of fiction that is set firmly within the Antares universe.

If you have a specific idea in any of these areas, focused on a local force or your planet/system/house/clan/guild… then do get in touch with us via the Nexus administrator, antares@bdawc.org.uk. Let us know what you’d like to write about and give us some photo’s of your forces to support it (if appropriate).  Before doing so, we strongly recommend you read the Antares Submissions Guide to make it easier for both you and us. For example, there is no need to have complex formatting or to send in PDFs as it makes it much harder for us to handle.

Out Nexus IMTel editors may ask submitters to modify their articles, or will help submitters to do so, but very often the changes request for themed forces, showcase articles and similar are minor or, frankly, non-existent! Very occasionally we have to turn down an article, but it’s normally because it tries to add or impose something new into the whole Antarean universe and, occasionally, because it doesn’t match where we see the universe going. However, there is an opportunity for such articles as Personal Shards…

Personal Shards

Personal ShardsThe Nexus also plays host to Personal Shards, an area where your own, completely unofficial lists, rules, playlists, aids, takes on Antares or similar can be seen by other players. This is administered by the Nexus IMTel but is not part of the Antares canon or rules. Which means you can do almost anything as long as it will be of interest to a wide range of other players! Obviously, we’d hope for good quality, but if it’s Antares related we will consider it. All of the articles will be clearly marked as Personal Shard to make it clear that its not official but, nonetheless, might be something that is useful.

There is already some content in the Personal Shards area such as Vardos Cadix.

If you’re submitting a PDF document or group of images for Personal Shards, do accompany it with a text (.doc/.docx/.rtf) summary or overview that groups it together and references it (or them). We’ll use the summary as an introductory article on the article’s Antares Nexus Personal Shards page. As above, please do have a look at the Antares Submissions Guide to make it easier for both you and us. For example, there is no need to have complex formatting or to send in PDFs as it makes it much harder for us to handle – though, of course, some PDFs such as Army Lists are the best way to share!

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