Jez Allum’s (Glowing!) Isorian force

Talented paint-wizard, Jez Allum has a look at the Isorian with a particularly interesting feature

Jez Isorians7

Beneath the glow of a blacklight, his Isorian force GLOWS! 

Jez:– I liked the Isorians from the first time I saw them, but it was only once I had a chance to actually sit down and paint the miniatures up that I truly fell in love with these models – the Geigeresque armour has a really gribbly feel to it – giving them a really distinct feel…

I painted the force in a chitinous purple scheme – and added an eerie alien green glow effect on the minis to give contrast. This was achieved by using Vallejo Fluorescent Green paint… and I also added some clump foliage which I made by myself as well, and coloured it with some children’s neon paint, to add even more glow!

Below we’ve added pictures of each unit, with a blacklit photo beneath each to show the effect up-close.

Jez Isorians

Jez Isorians5

Jez Isorians Step 15

Jez Isorians6

Jez Isorians3

Jez Isorians4

An impressive and (in typical Jez fashion) slightly off-the-wall approach – but one which we love!

To see more of Jez’s work, head on over to the external Jez’s Painting Blog, in which he has a step-by-step guide to the effects, or take a look at other articles showcasing his work: his Concord, and his Freeborn Domari.

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