Matt Houghton’s Freeborn

Matt Houghton's Hansa Nairoba

Matt Houghton picked up an early set of Freeborn and tells us what he did and why.

Matt: My Freeborn arrived in the post but due to a harsh work load at the time I decided to keep the paint scheme as simple as possible. With this in mind I also did a little ‘how to’ (as I was doing my test mini for the force) on the Gates of Antares Facebook group.

Matt’s Freeborn force

The colour scheme is very simple with a yellow thrown in to really make them shout “I’m from the future!”

When I was painting the Vardanari squad I got a bit of nostalgia for the Battle of the Planets cartoon series from my childhood, looking at pics I have no idea why, I think its just the flowing cape on the leader and the helmet backs.

They also have a kind of retro 50’s style to them. It really does mix up different styles wonderfully, this made me wish I went for a really bright white colour scheme. I could see how great these minis are and open to inspiration from so many sources.


The models were a joy to paint and I really can’t wait to see what other people do with these.

Total time spent on these was not long, spread between a few small paint sessions over 2-3 days, which shows even though they are packed with great little details and character if you want to churn out a good-sized army its more than achievable with a good sculpt.

Hats off to Steve Saleh, the sculptor, and the Warlord casters have done a great, clean job…

Now I just need to reinforce my army…

Matt Houghton

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