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  • Vorl Assembly and .stl

    Vorl Assembly and .stl

    The last remaining major species on Antares were the Vorl. Here, we present Joey Pruitt’s excellent .stls and Jon Harrington goes over a few tips on assembly.

  • Quick Guide to the Nexus

    Quick Guide to the Nexus

    An introduction to the various areas of the Nexus.

  • Anti-Orbital Fractal Bombard .stls

    Anti-Orbital Fractal Bombard .stls

    Steve O’Boyle of Corvus Games Terrain designed some solar-arrays for the Tabletop Warlords which actually resemble some Antares anti-orbital fractal bombards. He kindly gave them to us for a free 3d .stl download.

  • Vorl Added!

    Vorl Added!

    The Vorl are released! We provide a few links to the Vorl articles.

  • Vorl Tabletop Tactics

    Vorl Tabletop Tactics

    Whilst powerful, the Vorl are potentially tricky to use effectively. Here, Tim runs through some of the experiences of playtesting Vorl.