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  • Quick Guide to the Nexus

    Quick Guide to the Nexus

    An introduction to the various areas of the Nexus.View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • A Tale of Four Shards: Part One

    A Tale of Four Shards: Part One

    Jamie Morris provides the first instalment of A Tale of Four Shards – an ongoing campaign where four players build a new army on a budget of £50 each month.

  • Designing an Antares Squad

    Designing an Antares Squad

    With the shift to Rick and Tim looking after the Antares rules on their own, we’ve noticed players bringing in their own models and, at times, even trying to create their own rules for their new squads. To help with the process, Tim lays down some core fundamentals that went into the squad design process…

  • Starship Combat 7 – Freeborn and Mercantile

    Starship Combat 7 – Freeborn and Mercantile

    Tim continues his series on Antarean space travel and starships with a look at the merchant vessels of Antarean space and the legendary Freeborn Trading Frigate.