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  • Quick Guide to the Nexus

    Quick Guide to the Nexus

    An introduction to the various areas of the Nexus.

  • Battle Report: Brochunus IV Mini Campaign Part 2

    Battle Report: Brochunus IV Mini Campaign Part 2

    Continuing from their clash in the equatorial deserts of Brochunus IV, a small Concord Strike Force try to slow the Virai advance northward.

  • Vorl Probe .stls

    Vorl Probe .stls

    Tom Brown created some Vorl probe .stls and Georg Malter knocked together a Vorl lifeseeker probe and gave it to the Nexus for the community. 3D stl and links attached!

  • Scenario: Quarry Raid

    Scenario: Quarry Raid

    Jasper Batcher designed yet another scenario. Here, opposing forces have to retrieve vital barrels of a precious ore before the local Boromite miners send a security force to take it back.